New TruSens Performance Series Air Purifiers

With Remote SensorPod Technology

Exceptional CADR. Extraordinary lifetime value.

TruSens Performance Series Air Purifiers deliver complete coverage in professional spaces with a powerful clean air delivery rate (CADR), full year* True HEPA/Activated Carbon filtration and maintenance free TRU-BEAM™ UV-C.

*Operating 12 hours per day, under typical operating conditions.

More power where you need it

TruSens Performance Series Air Purifiers eliminate 99.99% of airborne viruses and bacteria including Coronavirus.

† Results from independent third-party testing using HCoV-229E, a human coronavirus with similar shape and size to COVID-19, which was aerosolized over a two-hour period in a sealed chamber. HCoV-229E is a well-established surrogate for COVID-19.


Reduce airborne virus exposure

 - Pre-filter traps large particles. 

- Activated carbon captures volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

- True HEPA captures airborne viruses, bacteria, and smoke.

- TRU-BEAM™ UV-C light inactivates viruses and bacteria trapped in the filter.