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HEPA Air Cleaner Versus Covid-19

In reference to CDC, HEPA air purifiers can bring down exposure to SARS-COV-2 virus in indoor environments. Therefore, TruSens is designed with a HEPA filter that helps you in reducing airborne viruses in your home, offices, and other indoor environments.

Smart Sensing Capability

Z-3000 & Z-2000 Air Purifiers have the capability to measure ultrafine particles due to its enhanced SensorPod. It also measures volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It can sense small particles of around PM0.1 that can reach into your lungs through breathing. The separate SensorPod makes a real time contact with the air purifier to communicate the readings of air quality so that the entire space benefits from clean air.

True HEPA filter Fights against Allergies and Flu

It is proven that the True HEPA filter in an air purifier can capture 99% allergens and viruses in the air around you which also includes H1N1 virus. It also has the UV-C (Ultraviolet light) technology that helps in killing germs and bacteria captured by the filter. The all-in-one filter package comes with a combo of an Antiviral HEPA filter, an Activated carbon, and a long-lasting Mesh prefilter.